For when you’re bigger

Dear Moonpies, 

You are still young but I have been thinking a lot lately about the men I hope you grow to be one day. 

Today you are kind and affectionate kids with great senses of humour. I hope you keep these traits in the years to come. 

I hope you always take the opportunity to brighten someone’s day. 

I hope you never look down on someone unless you are helping them up. Never forget the privilege you were born into. Not everyone has the things you take for granted.  Use your talents and abilities to make a difference for others. 

Differences make the world a beautiful and unique place. Never make someone feel badly about their differences especially ones that can’t be controlled. Everyone has gifts and talents, be the type of person who sees them, it will change your life.

Hold the door. 

Smile and wish people a good day.

Meet her parents. 

Be respectful of your friends parents.

Don’t pressure your friends into doing things they aren’t comfortable with. 

Be a good friend. Do what you need to in order to keep your good friends. Remember good friends don’t always agree with everything you say or do. Real friends want what is best for you. When your friends speak up, listen to them. 

Gut feelings, trust them. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. If something feels off you’re probably right. Job offers, girls, friends always trust your gut. 

Drink responsibly. Don’t be that guy passed out in a puddle of his own bodily fluids. People may laugh but trust me when I say no one thinks it’s cool. No getting in cars with someone who isn’t sober behind the wheel. Ever. If you need to drink you don’t need to drive. If you need to drive you don’t need to drink. Designated driver no longer sober? Call us, anytime. 

Take your turn as the DD. 

Sexual relationships (go ahead and cringe, I will wait). Never pressure someone into doing things they aren’t comfortable with. In any sexual relationship consent is everything. Her body will always be her body, you have no ownership over it. Sex is not owed to you EVER. No and maybe do not translate to “keep going” or “keep trying”. Above all else, please do not be this guy. Do not be the guy who feels a woman owes him her body just for the privilege of being in your company. 

Call your Grandparents. I wish I could tell you how precious your time with them is. Grandparents are such a treasure to have in your life. Yours love you immensely and you will miss them beyond words when you no longer have the opportunity to spend time with them.  Pick up the phone. Better yet, visit in person. 

When you have nieces and nephews make time for them. The parents will appreciate the break and there is nothing quite like spoiling a kid without having to be responsible for all the parenting. Kids love spending time with adults who make time for them. 

Shovel the elderly neighbours driveway. 

Bring meals to your friends who have had babies. 

Take care of your health and body. 

Drink water.

Indulge once and a while. 

Travel as often as possible. 

Laugh. Life is too short to be serious all the time.

Even adults can be bullies. Learn to stand up to them. It will serve you well. 

Use your words wisely. Don’t say things you will regret later. 

Never  throw the first punch. 

Know your worth. Never settle for someone who doesn’t see it. Learn to carry on when people don’t agree. You are not chocolate, not everyone is going to like you. It’s their loss not yours. 

Stand strong in your values and beliefs, even if you are standing alone. 

“Never doubt that a small group of determined people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has”. When you see something not right in your community, fight for what is right. 

You guys are still so small and yet so incredible already. Your hearts are so big and you have so much love for others. I can’t wait to see who you guys grow up to be. 

With much love,



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