Things We Love

Play Doh

I thought I would start off our “Things We Love” page with the activity we love most at our house, Play Doh! Its squishy and smooshy and the creative possibilities are endless. Thanks to both Grandmas we have an extensive collection of Play-Doh tools they had collected over the years which provide us with hours of entertainment! Added bonus: its a great way to practice making and writing letters and numbers.  We use unsharpened pencils to practice writing letters in flattened play-doh. Made a mistake? Flip it over and start again! Play-doh makes learning fun!

Books! Books! Books!

Its not always easy for me to see traits of myself in my boys. The one trait they possess that is undoubtedly from me is their love of books! Our collection is endless and they all get read on the regular. I thought I would share our family favourites!

Canada ABC



Love You Forever


The Giving Tree


On The Night You Were Born


Little Critter Collection